Ten Signs You’ve Got A Serious Case of the Travel Bug

Has your wanderlust been getting out of hand lately? Are you day dreaming about your next adventure across the world, and missing places such as train stations and airports? If so, you may have been bitten by the travel bug. Here’s ten sure-fire ways to check if the travel bug has taken a liking to you:

  1. You’re reading all the travel books/guides you can get your hands on: Bill Bryson? Elizabeth Gilbert? You’ve read them all and can’t wait for more. Lonely Planet guides are on your nightstand, and you’ve already highlighted your dream adventures.
  2. Most social media you follow is travel related: College Tourist and NatGeoTravel’s Instagram accounts are perfect for your insatiable need to see the world. You even share some of your own photos for inspiration.
  3. You’re sub-consciously saving money: When out shopping with your friends, you find yourself thinking, “Do I really need that new shirt?” or “That new phone is the same price as a plane ticket…” Without even noticing it, you might be budgeting for your next trip around the world.
  4. You talk about travel all the time: Remember that time you danced on a table in Portugal, or the cruise you took around Norway? You’ve been telling the same stories repeatedly, but that’s because you’re hoping to re-live the moment.
  5. You write in a journal: Because of your love for adventure, you’re a writer at heart. You live to capture moments and feelings and to document what you saw. The pages of your journal are filled with descriptions of sights and feelings, and you proudly look back upon them long after your return.
  6. Your biggest splurge was on a nice camera: Serious travelers need to capture what they see, and your nice new camera is your prized possession. You take it on every adventure and you’re sure to take good care of it.
  7. You know how to pack lightly: You can pack for three weeks of backpacking around Europe in an LLBean backpack. You know to wear layers, pack only the essentials, and live out of a suitcase for as long as you need. You’re smart and efficient when it comes to packing, and you know not to bring unnecessary changes of clothes .
  8. You collect moments, not things No souvenir is going to do your adventure justice. You know that its the journey that matters, not some generic trinket you can buy at any souvenir shop. If you are to buy something from a gift shop, it had meaning and importance to you.
  9. You are respectful of other cultures You know that when you enter a mosque or a temple you need to cover your hair. You know to wear something conservative clothes to holy sites such as the Vatican, and to speak to the best of your ability in the native language before asking locals for help. This applies to local diversity, as well. You are the first to express curiosity in learning about where someone else comes from.
  10. Your favorite book is your passport I don’t know who said, “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of passports,” but no sentiment has ever been more true to you. Your passport is your prized possession and you show off your stamps from other countries with pride.

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